Shocking! Rs. 2,000 note starts breaking into small fragments

2000 note

Kanpur, 15 Dec: In another shocker amidst cash crunch, a new currency note of Rs. 2000 denomination was found crumbling after handling it hours.

As per the reports of The Hindu, the note was withdrawn from a bank at Taliparamba by an account holder after some time the account holder observed that the note was allegedly crumbling from the corners.

The reports suggest that the new note with the serial number 456828 withdrawn from the Federal Bank branch at Taliparamba on December 13 started to break into small fragments at the edges while handling it a few hours after it was withdrawn from the bank branch on Tuesday afternoon.

The note was among the five Rs. 2000 denomination notes P.C. Shareefa, a resident of Mukkola near the Taliparamba town, had withdrawn from the branch.

“I found the note crumbling while handing it,” stated P.C. Shemeel, son of Shareefa. When contacted, he said that though the other four notes also showed similar signs, he could manage to use them. The remaining currency was so badly damaged that it could not be used as normal note, he added.

Shemeel expressed that even after the matter was told to the officials of the bank branch but they were not admitting that it was given from the branch.

However, there were no Bank officials available for comment. Shemeel informed that his mother had withdrawn the cash from the bank after queuing up in the branch for hours and received this note.

Earlier rumours were spread that the colours were fading in a new currency of Rs 2000 note,  later it was refuted by the authorities.

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