Shocked after watching clip of cop committing arson in Jallikattu: Kamal Hassan

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Chennai, Jan 24, 2017: Veteran Tamilian actor Kamal Hassan on Tuesday expressed shock after watching a video of a cop committing arson and hoped that some sort of explanation is given to the people so that they can calm down.

Addressing the media in Chennai over Jallikattu issue, Hassan said that “I am equally shocked (to see the video of the cop committing arson). I hope some sort of explanation is given to us so that we can calm down… Don’t ban anything, I say regulate.”

“Have been demanding this for over 20 years. We were the early agitators of this law because it showed double standard”, he added.

He also said that no law, no justice is infallible, Kamal said while referring to the judiciary in the country.

Emphasising that he is against any kind of ban, the Tamilian actor said that he has protested when his films have landed in trouble. Hassan laid emphasis on regulating rather than imposing a ban on things.

The actor added, “The agitation was a symbol of their discontent. I was a part of Hindi agitation; it was not against Hindi or people. We knew Gandhi Ji and Nehru Ji spoke in Hindi. It was on pressing the language on us and making us illiterate, It was about us losing government jobs. It was a series of events”.

“Everybody was making inflammatory speeches. This whole agitation came out of inflammation. I am just looking at the system from the media angle. We took it for too long. It cannot be sudden. I think we found a reason in Jallikattu,” he added.

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