Shiv Sena says Modi govt is Talibani, worst in 10,000 years


Mumbai, January 6: Setting up a scathing attack on Modi government’s noteban, NDA’s close aide and ally Shiv Sena that also shares Hindu ideology with the ruling BJP alliance, said Modi government is living in a fool’s paradise if it thinks that demonetisation has wiped out menace of black money.

Slamming demonetisation exercises, editorial in Sena’s mouthpiece Samna says the truth is that the decision has caused distress to middle class, poor and jobless people.

PM Modi in his new year address said that country is going through a purification phase. Criticizing Central government’s claims, Sena described it as the “worst regime in 10,000 years” and said the exercise has affected everyone, women to a great extent.

Citing the report of a woman stripping her clothes to mark the protest in front of the RBI Delhi office, the article says the plight of the hapless mother looked like a “government sponsored Nirbhaya tragedy.”

“We want to ask Chief Minister of Maharashtra, whose side are you on; demonetisation or this helpless woman …

If the government cannot see and understand the suffering of this woman, then such a ruthless and deaf regime would not have been in existence in the last 10,000 years

The article also says victim has brought out the stifled sufferings and anger of women on the streets.

If you term the act of this woman as nationalism, you need a Talibani doctor to treat your brains. Such atrocities against women happen only in Talibani regimes,” the Sena said.

It says if people in governance (Maharashtra CM) “do not churn on seeing the plight of this woman,” then he is like a helpless person.


Two days ago, a woman, who was carrying her son along, removed her top clothes in angst in front of the RBI regional office in Delhi after she was unable to get a few junked currency notes exchanged.

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