Shiv Sena lashes out on Modi, says words won’t suffice


Shiv Sena on Monday criticized Narendra Modi’s government for not taking any harsh actions against Pakistan following the Uri attack and carrying out diplomatic war instead.

Sena lashed out on Modi and said that it seems like that Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is now showing off a “56-inch chest”.

Shiv Sena claimed that centre is just indulging in taunting Pakistan and is not taking any serious action.

Sena published an editorial in its mouthpiece, Saamna, which stated that the soldiers are dying and we are still stuck on giving warnings to Pakistan. If Pakistan really wants to have war with us then we are also ready.

Shiv Sena further narrated that the Modi government is talking about isolating Pakistan. However, all the countries claiming to be with India can be seen keeping their friendship with Pakistan whether be it Russia carrying out Joint drill with Pak or Indonesia providing Defense equipment or Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) supporting Pak openly on Kashmir issue.

“During the 1971 war with Bangladesh, Russia had sent its troops to India to support Indira Gandhi. We cannot see such friendship today.”

“You (the BJP) may keep on shouting that Pakistan has been isolated. But all your efforts are ultimately futile. We have started fearing if it is India which has actually been isolated over the Uri attack,” it said.

BJP ally highlighted that Pak has made a remark on Uri attack that it happened because of the unrest in Kashmir. Thus, Pakistan is accepting its involvement in the same.

India has decided to provide evidence in the United Nations against Pakistan regarding their involvement in the Uri terror. Shiv Sena asserted that UN suggests resolving the issue with bilateral talks so there is no point of providing evidence on the same.

Sena has directed that words are not enough and it is time to give Pakistan a fitting reply.

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