Shilpa thought ‘Animal Farm’ book was about animal welfare


Mumbai, November, 29 : The actress was being trolled in social media for telling ‘Animal Farm’ teaches “the little ones to love and care for animals.”

As the Council of School Certificate Examination (CISCE) decided to include Harry Potter series in the English Literature syllabus for junior and middle school students, starting from 2017-18, Shilpa was asked about her views on famous books being a part of the ICSE syllabus by a newspaper.

To which she replied, “I think having books like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter as part of the syllabus is a great move because it cultivates imagination and creativity at a young age. I think books like Little Women would also encourage respect towards women at a young age. “Even ‘Animal Farm’ should be included as it will teach the little ones to love and care for animals.”

Shilpa Shetty Kundra has slammed Twitteratis for mocking her over her misinterpretation of George Orwell’s novella Animal Farm.


The actor further said it was a misunderstanding and, while she “admires” the author of ‘Animal Farm’ she has never read the book.


Animal Farm, the George Orwell novel, was a political satire of Soviet Union ruled by Joseph Stalin.

Meanwhile, she tweeted,



Well, those who have not read this book must be  busy  checking  the book by now. 



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