#SherSidharthShukla trends on Twitter

Sidharth Shukla

A new video of actor Sidharth Shukla engaged in an argument with a group of around 13 people or more has emerged online, prompting his fans to come together and support him and trend #SherSidharthShukla on Twitter.

Last week, as the actor turned a year older, a video emerged claiming that the “Bigg Boss 13” winner was drunk-driving and got into an argument. In fact, a video showing Sidharth engaged in a heated argument with a man on the road also started doing the the rounds.

At the time, Sidharth had claimed that he was threatened by goons armed with knives.

The new video going viral shows Sidharth facing around 13 people. They are seen involved in an argument, with Sidharth asking them to accompany him to some place, probably the police station.

As the video emerged in the virtual world, his fans got together to slam people who were judging him, and started using the hashtag #SherSidharthShukla.

“They judged him for a 20 seconds video, they called him drunk, this man stood alone among 13-14 people. Guts chahiye, sher hai woh, vo ekela kafii hai in Jese chuzo k liye… Agli baar defame karne se pehle soch lena karma is watching,” shared a user.

“Real life hero. He handle the situation very well.but some ppl n media portals malign his image. Shame on them.ppl try to defame him,” wrote one enraged fan. The length to which haters go to malign his reputation… pathetic! but truth prevails.. We trust him… and Will always will be by his side,” shared another.

A user shared: “Lo bhai dekhlo #SherSidharthShukla 15 logo ke saamne akela sher khda hai”, while another said: “Seeing the video, I have realised that even being a Star celeb Sidharth shukla is always ready to help his friends and well-wishers no matter what the situation is. We are really proud of you bhai @sidharth_shukla Real Life Hero Sidharth Shukla #SherSidharthShukla.”

One user said: “The king standing nd taking alone like a King ufffff this gives goosebumps to me.. Just look at his swag and the way he talks ufffff @sidharth_shukla #SherSidharthShukla #SherSidharthShukla.”

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