Shatrugan Sinha: PM’s faux populi survey is planted, for fool’s paradise

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November 24, New Delhi: Questioning authenticity of Prime Minister Modi’s App survey to access nation’s support on demonetisation, noted actor and BJP leader from Bihar, Shatrugan Sinha has shot gun of words with sarcasm and tweeted a warning against planted surveys being conducted by vested interest.

“Let’s stop living in a fools’ paradise and getting carried away by planted stories & surveys conducted by vested interests,” tweeted Sinha on Wednesday.

While PM Modi boasted off an overwhelming response on currency ban drive on twitter earlier in the day. PM said 93% of 5 lakh respondents, supported him; 98 % believed black money exists in India; 99 % agreed that corruption and black money should be eliminated and 90 % believe that government’s currency ban move to cease black money is ‘brilliant’.

Untouched by PM’s report card on demonetisation, the “Shotgun” Sinha amplified his criticism on the implimentaion of currency ban by putting out a series of tweets on Wednesday and highlighted the flaws of the center’s demonetisation drive.

He tweeted: “Must understand the pain of the poor, suffering, voters, supporters and women…well Intentioned savings over many years of our mothers & sisters for emergency can’t be equated with black money.”

Earlier too, Sinha tweeted his criticism of center’s unpreparedness to deal with cash crunch following the snarling queues at Banks and ATMs and had tweeted people from government “were not prepared for this post surgical strike against black money.”

The opposition parties have unanimously alleged Modi for planting a survey that is designed to deliver faux results sans participation of rural India.

Trinamool Congress’s (TMC) Derek O’ Brien even said that the survey is set by modi and would be marked by Modi. He said: He is the person who sets the paper and asks the questions, correct the paper and then he himself gives the mark. This kind of survey on smartphones, where out of every five villages, four villages don’t have a bank.

Shatrugan Sinha has been critical of government’s policies in the past too. He had tweeted: I wish the Delhi situation after the death of an army veteran was handled in a more mature, proper, practical and fair manner.

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