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Share profit from fuel with Public: Congress



Modi Petrol Price

New Delhi, April 6 : The Congress has asked the government to share the “profit” of Rs 20 lakh crore earned in last six years from the sale of gas, diesel and petrol with the public as due to pandemic people are suffering the most. Give healing touch by “subventions, injections and subsidies”, the Congress said.

Addressing a Press Conference on Monday, senior spokesperson of the party Abhishek Manu Singhvi said, “BJP has to realise that it has to stop this process of solo profiteering. All profits are for them, all pain is for the common man. Instead of stealing touch, they have to understand how to give healing touch, you can give it by subventions, injections, subsidies”.

“Can’t you part with even 5 per cent of our GDP? USA parted with 10 per cent and around the corner with another 5 per cent, total 15 per cent of their GDP. Our Government cannot pocket this profit, it has to give it back to the farmers for diesel, give subsidies to farmers and migrant workers,” said Singhvi.

The party said lives of people are most important, followed by livelihood and It’s not a time for profiteering, it’s time for the government to do profit sharing. The important figure to be noted is that in March 2014, international oil prices were $108 per barrel & 6 years later on March 30, 2020 it was $23 per barrel, 18-19 year historic low. We all should know that a decrease in oil prices internationally benefits directly the Government of India. Petrol as of today is available at Rs 28 per litre as far as international price is concerned, but it is sold to us at Rs 74 per litre.

“It is important that in the nation’s economic grief, the Government has to give monetary relief. It has to be the nation’s monetary relief not the government’s monetary relief,” added Singhvi.

The Congress said that the price of LPG cylinder has risen from Rs 412 in May 2014 to Rs 858 currently. In just the last 6 months, there have been 6 hikes in LPG cylinder price and it is sad that in the middle of Corona month – March, 4 terrible hikes happened.

The party slammed the government for raising fuel prices by Rs 3 per litre on March 14 and on March 24 – finance bill passed sanctioning special duty on petrol, diesel and on the same day on March 24, lockdown was announced but the international crude was at $23 till March 30.


India records highest single-day spike, surpasses China toll

India is currently in the fourth phase of lockdown which is till May 31. Cases spiked at record rate during the lockdown 4.0 that allowed much relaxation.



Keralites Middle East Corona

New Delhi, May 29 : India on Friday not only recorded its largest jump in new cases as it added 7,466 new Covid patients in 24 hours, emerging as the ninth worst-hit country in the world by pandemic, but it also surpassed China’s toll of 4,638 so far as it recorded 4,706 deaths.

While China was the first country to report disease last December and recorded over 84,000 total cases so far, India that reported its first case in January end, now has 1,65,799 cases that is more than Turkey’s (1,60,979).

The only good news for India is that it has shown a 42.88 per cent recovery with 71,105 of the patients who contacted the disease being cured and sent back home. In the past one day, 175 deaths were also reported.

Delhi and Tamil Nadu showed jump of around 1,000 cases as Maharashtra continued to contribute a lion’s share, it was still the worst hit state that reported 59,546 cases so far. Tamil Nadu now has 19,372 and Delhi 16,281 cases.

Gujarat reported 15,562 cases, Rajasthan 8,067, Madhya Pradesh 7,453 and Uttar Pradesh 7,170.

Kerala which had almost flatten the curve, is witnessing a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases, there are now 1,088.

Number of cases have spiked in the North East, with Assam having 856 cases.

Other States and UTs have also reported steady increase and West Bengal now has 4,536 cases, Telangana (2,256), Punjab (2,158), Jammu and Kashmir (2,036), Bihar (3,296) and Andhra Pradesh(3,251).

India is currently in the fourth phase of lockdown which is till May 31. Cases spiked at record rate during the lockdown 4.0 that allowed much relaxation.

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Harsh Vardhan snubs AIIMS director Guleria’s prediction on Covid peak

Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Director Dr Guleria on May 7 had said, “National and international both experts are analysing the data. Most of them have guessed that India will most likely see the peak in June or July.”



Harsh Vardhan and Dr Randeep Guleria

New Delhi, May 28 : In what appears to be a snub to the prediction made by AIIMS Director Dr Randeep Guleria regarding COVID pandemic peak in the country, Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan on Thursday said its “difficult” to make an assumption about “future scenarios of the disease”.

The Health Minister, in an exclusive interview with IANS, said that given the heterogeneous mathematical modeling based on varied assumptions and less information available about the virus, it was extremely difficult to make accurate predictions about future scenarios of the disease.

To a query by the IANS on when to expect the curve to flatten since AIIMS Director Guleria has said that the situation may worsen in the next two months, Harsh Vardhan clarified, “Right now, we have a steady curve. It has never shown any exponential rise.”

This seemingly public disagreement with Guleria is manifestation of the government’s apparent unhappiness with the AIIMS chief’s comment that sparked off fear psychosis amid the COVID-19 outbreak, in India.

The Minister added, “We are now trying to bend the curve downwards. The trajectory of the outbreak is decided by a number of factors such as pathogenicity and transmissibility of virus; availability of specific treatment or vaccine; as well as collective performance of all public health interventions undertaken to contain the outbreak such as testing and early case detection, isolation, quarantine, contact-tracing, optimum care of cases and surveillance.”

The Minister also said that COVID-19 is a new disease and the behaviour of this virus in the evolving outbreak is “unknown”. “We have isolated the virus and our scientists and epidemiologists are studying it with the help of gene sequencing. Not much data about the virus and the disease is available at the moment,” he said.

“Further as far as the issue of predictions of the further spread of the disease is concerned, let me tell you that I keep on hearing about one mathematical prediction model or the other. There are so many such models giving so many predictions round-the-clock that it is difficult to track them or justify them. But just like any mathematical model, these models are based on a number of assumptions and presumptions which may or may not match with real ground data because the data is still being generated each day and the disease has not matured across the world. Therefore, it beats me as to with so much uncertainties, whether it is possible to make accurate predictions about future scenarios of the disease,” said the minister.

Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) Director Dr Guleria on May 7 had said, “National and international both experts are analysing the data. Most of them have guessed that India will most likely see the peak in June or July.”

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Focus on migrants’ plight, don’t destabilise Maha govt: Priyanka Gandhi



Priyanka Gandhi Election

New Delhi, May 28 : Accusing the government of doing politics during the coronavirus crisis, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Thursday raised the plight of migrant workers, citing the example of a toddler trying to wake her dead mother at a railway station.

“The country is pained to see such visuals,” she said and asked the government to provide help to the needy.

She also accused the BJP of trying to “destabilize” the Maharashtra Vikas Aghadi (MVA) government, comprising the Shiv Sena, Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the Congress in the state, instead of helping it in its fight against Covid-19.

In a video conference with Congress workers and leaders under the ‘Speakup’ campaign, the Congress leader spoke about the poor, migrants, small businesses and the middle class.

“We are doing this to make the government understand the demands of the people,” said Priyanka Gandhi, who is also party in-charge of eatsern Uttar Pradesh.

She said the government should immediately deposit Rs 10,000 into the bank accounts of the needy, provide Rs 7,500 for six months to the needy families and provide jobs to those who have returned to their homes under MGNREGA for 200 days instead of 100 days.

“The government should also provide the MSMEs a financial package so that they are not pushed into debt,” she said.

Slamming the BJP-led Central and UP government, she said, “I urge the BJP leaders to avoid doing politics. It is time to stand united by sidelining the differences and help the people.”

On Uttar Pradesh government rejecting the Congress’ offer of providing 1,000 buses to transport the stranded migrant workers, she said, “The 12,000 buses of UP Roadways are running only on paper.”

The Congress leader had offered to provide 1,000 buses to transport the migrant workers in UP. However, the state government had rejected the offer after three days of standoff at the state borders.

Priyanka accused the BJP of trying to destabilize the Maharashtra government at a time the state is reporting a high number of Covid-19 cases. “Instead of providing help to the Maharashtra government, you (BJP) people are working against it to destabilize it,” she said.

Reminding the BJP, that all the political parties are indebted to people of the country even in their victories and in defeat. “With their humility people have supported everyone of us and today the people of the country are pained,” she said.

Highlighting the plight of migrant workers travelling back to their homes, Priyanka Gandhi said, “We have seen the visuals of a son pulling a cart carrying his parents, of a daughter taking her father 1,200 km away on a bicycle and of many people dying in Shramik Specials.

“These visuals — a child dying in the lap of his father and another child trying to wake up his dead mother on a railway platform — can make anyone cry. But you (BJP leaders) are silent and not helping the people.”

The demands raised by her are not political, she said.

The visuals of a toddler trying to wake her dead mother on a railway platform went viral on Wednesday. The woman had got down from the Ahmedabad-Katihar Shramik Special train at Muzaffarpur railway station in Bihar on Monday. According to railway officials, the woman was had prior ailment.

“Leave politics as the people who have supported you must get the support back from you in this tough time,” said Priyanka.

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