Sharad Pawar accuses BJP of misusing power to poach Opposition leaders

Sharad Pawar
Sharad Pawar, Image Credit : PTI

Mumbai, July 28 : NCP chief Sharad Pawar has accused BJP of misusing power and agencies to poach leaders from opposition ranks and said that both his party and Congress have reached an understanding on about 240 seats ahead of assembly elections.

“BJP government is misusing their power before elections(Maharashtra), pressuring those leaders who are not willing to join BJP. This is not limited to Maharashtra, it has happened everywhere,”Sharad Pawar said.

There is an understanding on about 240 seats between NCP and Congress ahead of assembly elections. Also, we are in talks with other parties for rest of the seats. I am expecting that in coming 8-10 days all seats will be decided

He, however, expressed confidence that the ruling party would get a “befitting reply” from the electorate on this in the forthcoming Maharashtra Assembly polls.

“After BJP returned to power at the Centre, some people (in opposition) are feeling anxious. On the other hand, those in government are misusing power and poaching leaders from other parties and agencies are of great help,” he said, citing the example of Income Tax raids on NCP MLA Hasan Mushrif in Kolhapur.

“Take the example of the I-T raid in Kolhapur. He (Mushrif) was asked to come to the party (BJP) before this raid. When he refused, the I-T raid followed,” he alleged.

Pawar went on to claim that Karnataka was an ideal example of what can be done using money power.

“BJP leaders say their party is different from others, that it is a party with a difference. Now the people of the country have realised that difference. The difference is how a stable government can be destabilised using money or agencies and form a government by hook or by crook,” he said.

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