Shankaracharya seeks PM’s intervention to put a check on Cow vigilantes


New Delhi, April 12: Swami Adhokshjanand Maharaj, Shankaracharya of Govardhan Peeth, has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should device a plan to check notorious cow vigilants or Gau rakshaks who are forcing people to live in the atmosphere of fear.

Shankaracharya came heavily on government for failing to protect people from cow vigilantes. Slamming the present state of political affairs, Shankaracharya in his interview to BBC said, it is the utter responsibility of those in government to provide safe and secure atmosphere to the people as this is what they take oath for.

Pointing towards Modi’s recent remarks on cow protectors who attack people, Shankaracharya said, it is clear that PM knows about the events and thus it is better if he soon takes the decision on how to correct those who have affected the law and order of the state.

On Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan’s decision to return the cow and calf gifted by Shankaracharya peeth, he said it unfortunate.

Khan had returned the cow and said that he might not be able to protect them in the present environment in Uttar Pradesh.

Shankracharya further said that the SP leader penned a two-page letter to him and thanked the peeth for the  cow and the calf that was gifted to him in October 2013.

Azam said that in the present atmosphere, he is afraid that the duo might die naturally or due to a conspiracy. Khan cited the example of the Alwar lynching in which Pehlu Khan, a 55-year-old man was thrashed and killed on mere a suspicion of smuggling cows.

Khan had also said that the Muslims in UP feel insecure and any cow vigilante might hurt the beautiful animal and blame the Muslim community for it.

Although Shankracharya refrained from commenting on Azam Khan’s decision to return the cow, he added, I would want to say that peace is maintained in the countey. People maing communal harmony and respect each others’ place of worship.

Batting for law to sentence those who indulge into cow slaughter, shankracharya said at the same time, neither anyone from army of cow protectors or those who hurt the cows should be equipped to pass the law.

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