Shanghai day care centre suspended over child abuse


Beijing, Nov 9: A day care centre in Shanghai was suspended on Thursday after its staff were caught on camera allegedly abusing toddlers.

Three staff members of the third-party centre managers were detained, according to Shanghai police.

To solve its employees’ babysitting problems for children aged 18 months to three years — the minimum age to qualify for a place at a public kindergarten, leading travel agency in 2016 established the centre which was run by a third-party organisation, reports Xinhua news agency.

Video footage of staff abusing children appeared online this week invoking public outcry.

One clip showed a female staff member throwing a little girl’s school bag on the floor and pushing her violently, causing her to fall and hit her head on the corner of a table.

In another video, a child cried after being forced to eat something that his parents later claimed to be mustard.

Ctrip is to provide physical check-ups and psychological support as needed for children involved.

The company will also offer two-week paid vacation for employees who cannot find alternative childcare.

Ctrip is seeking new management for the centre and will allow employees to see surveillance videos of classrooms on their mobile phones in the future.


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