Shakti Arora Ends his Relationship with fiance Neha Saxena

shakti and neha

New Delhi, June 20: Shakti Arora, who shot to fame with popular TV show Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi, seems to have ended his long-term affair with fiance Neha Saxena.

They seemed like one of those couples whose love story would last forever. But if recent reports are to be believed then Shakti Arora and Neha Saxena, have called it quits after four long years of courting each other.

As per a report in Bombay Times, the couple, who got engaged in 2014, was facing a lot of differences since the past few months. In fact, Neha even flew all the way to Indonesia, where Shakti is currently shooting for his new TV series, just so that she could bridge the gap between the them and resolve things out. But sadly, she’s returned to the city without any luck or love and has suspiciously also deleted all the moments shared with Shakti from her Instagram account.

shakti arora and neha

Reveals a source in interaction with Bombay Times, “Over the past few months, a lot of differences cropped up between them, which led to constant tiffs. Neha is now back in India and they have decided to take a break from each other, they need time to think about where their relationship is headed. Distance is also taking a toll on their equation.” Word is that Shakti has already extended his stay in Indonesia for another 3 months, to avoid any mess back home.

According to Bollywood Life Report, one of the reason behind breakup is commitment phobia. Shakti and Neha have been engaged for four years now and she really wants to get married to him. However, he tasted true success post Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi and is doing very well in Indonesia, where he has a sustainable fan base. Shakti feels that marriage will dent his image of a sexy and desirable actor, which is counter-productive at this stage.

Let’s not forget how Shakti and Neha’s long-impending wedding too was indefinitely getting postponed, year after year. While they were planning to get hitched in 2016. Demonetisation played a spoiler where Shakti had even quoted saying, “I had withdrawn cash to pay to the wedding organisers, caterers and other staff as I had to give them an advance. However, they are refusing to take the old currency now. It will take me a long time to exchange the old notes with the new ones. I have no idea when we will get married now. It’s definitely not happening this year.

However, when contacted by a leading daily, Neha called the news baseless and said, “That’s not true. Who is spreading this rumour? Shakti and I are together. In fact, I returned from Jakarta only because my visa expired.”

Well. we dunno what destiny holds for Neha and Shakti but we hope they derive at some mutual understanding and better their relationship and can sort out their differences soon get back together!

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