Shailaja murder case: Accused misleading police

New Delhi, June 26: The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), West Delhi on Wednesday said that the accused in the killing of Shailaja Dwivedi, Major Nikhil Handa, has been misleading the police in their probe so far.

He also revealed that the weapon (a knife) was not the actual murder weapon used by Handa to kill the wife of a fellow Indian Army Major.

“The accused, Handa, is giving us misleading information day after day. We have done 90 percent of the work and in the coming days the truth will come out,” said Vijay Kumar, DCP West Delhi.

“The weapon that we have in our custody is not the weapon with, which Shailaja was killed,” he added.

The DCP further stated that their investigation had found that following the murder, Handa had called a friend and told her about the incident. However, she didn’t believe him.

The police are yet to ascertain if this friend or Handa’s younger brother, who accused had called next, have any role in the murder.

On Saturday, 35-year-old Shailza Dwivedi was found with her throat slit at Brar Square. Police said that since the area is isolated, nobody spotted her body for a while. Around 1.30 pm, a water tanker driver passing by saw her lying in a pool of blood and made a PCR call.

As the investigation into the Army officer’s wife murder progresses, the Delhi Police said Major Nikhil Handa, who was arrrested on Sunday in connection with the murder, was apparently obsessed with the woman and wanted to marry her.

According to media reports Major Nikhil Rai Handa returned to the crime scene where he dumped her body near Delhi Cantt Metro station but turned back on seeing the police personnel. He then allegedly fled to Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, from where he was arrested on Sunday morning.


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