Shahabuddin’s terror, Siwan judge shifted to Patna


The judge who provided a judgement of life imprisonment to RJD member Mohammad Shahabuddin in a double murder case was shifted from Siwan.

Additional district and sessions judge (ADJ) Ajay Kumar Shrivastava got himself transferred by writing a letter to the Patna High Court. His transfer was scheduled two days after Shahabuddin obtained bail order from the Patna High Court in another murder case.

Though the precise content of the letter is unknown but according to the media sources, he felt unsafe in Siwan after Shahabuddin was released. The Bihar government has given him the security regarding the same.

HC on 9th September informed about his transfer to Panta while taking notice in his letter. Shrivastava was the head of the special court which catered to the trial of the cases against Shahabuddin.

Earlier, Shahabuddin was arrested in 2005 to May this year but the special court on – 11th December 2015 – sentenced Shahabuddin to life imprisonment for the murder of two brothers – Satish Raj and Girish Raj. The two brothers in August 2004 were killed at Shahabuddin’s village, Pratappur – they were soaked in acid. The elder brother of the dead, Rajeev Raushan, an eyewitness to the two murders which happened on 16th June 2014.

Shahabuddin received bail on 7th September and walked out of jail on 10th September. Patna High Court granted him bail in the Raushan murder case.

“A sense of fear has gripped residents of Siwan ever since Shahabuddin reached home,” Alok said, quoting from a report sent to the state government by the Siwan administration. “We have provided security to at least 20 people since Shahabuddin’s release,” Siwan SP Saurabh Kumar Sah had told media last week.

The security has been provided by the Siwan police to the family of the murdered three brothers and the family of the journalist Rajdeo Ranjan – Shahabuddin is a suspect for the same.

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