Serpentine queues outside banks, ATMs on Sunday

New Delhi, November 13: As thousands of anxious people continued to flock Banks to deposit or exchange invalid Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, serpentine queues were seen in front of banks and ATMs on Sunday.

It was common to see long queues in front of banks much before the scheduled opening time all acorss the country.

Even ATMs at Metro Stations had long, unending queues. In fact it was a common flutter in ears that we hope the money doesnt end before my turn. On Friday government accepted that only 40 % ATMs across the country were working. Only Rs 100 notes are being availed through ATMs while it will take at least 3 weeks for Rs 2000 to process through ATM.

“I am standing here in the queue since 4 a.m. What else I could do as I have no money to buy food,” said a person in a queue outside an ATM in Lajpat Nagar, south Delhi.

Despite being the fourth day since the banks are reopened following a day’s closure after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announced on Tuesday night, larger crowds were witnessed on Sunday. Being an official holiday at most work places, people in large numbers were seen across ATMs and Banks.

“It is my off today so I have dedicated my entire day to widhdraw money from the bank as I have no cash to go to office on Monday,” Abhishek Mishra, an IT professional, who queued up in front of an HDFC Bank branch in Noida sector said.

Many people showcased utter patience and praised the bank officials for working extra hours to keep the currency flow in the country. Since Wednesday Rs 500 and 1,000 rupee notes ceased to be legal tender after PM Modi’s unexpected address to the nation on Tuesday evening. Although Sunday is a holiday, the government had ordered all banks across the country to function on the weekend.

“We all are being troubled be it the normal public or the bank employees. We should understand that they are doing extra work so that we all could get money,” another person standing it a queue outside Bank of Baroda in Noida sector 18 said.

The Congress party has deployed its workers to help people standing in queues outside banks by providing them tea and water. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in Delhi has put its volunteers to help out people in getting their currency exchanged or depositing cash.

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