Senior Congress Leader PC Chacko quits party

PC Chacko left Congress alleging that he was being neglected by the party.
PC Chacko
PC Chacko

Thiruvananthapuram: Senior Congress leader PC Chacko on Wednesday announced that he has quit the Congress party. The blow to the Congress came ahead of the Kerala Assembly Election on April 6.

“I have quit the Congress and sent my resignation to the party’s interim chief Sonia Gandhi,” Chacko told a press conference.

Pointing to the fact that the Congress has not had a president for over a year, he said, “Being a Congressman is Kerala is very difficult. If you belong to some group in Congress then only you can survive. Leadership of congress is not much active.”

A former Lok Sabha member, Chacko said he hoped his resignation would serve as an eye-opener for the party. “I’m unhappy with the functioning of Kerala Congress. The Congress is becoming weaker and weaker day by day, if my resignation opens the eye of the party, then I will think my resignation has served the purpose.”

More details are awaited.

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