Sena questions BJP on its Cow slaughter policy in Goa

Udhav Thackeray modi

New Delhi, April 4: Coming heavily on Bhartiya Janata Party for keeping its double standards on its policies, Shiv Sena has once again slammed the Saffron Party for its beef policy, particularly in Goa.

Shiv Sena in its mouth piece Samana said that how could BJP that projects itself as a protector of cows, bans slaughter of cows in some states while allows it in others.”

Demanding a common policy for the nation, Shiv Sena said: Banning cow slaughter is an issue close to the hearts of Hindus. There, however, needs to be a common policy on this across the nation. You can’t allow slaughter in some states and ban it in others.

Waging a strong criticism of its ally, it further said, if BJP can not have a uniform policy on an issue so close to heart like that of “beef ban” people will start wondering how it can bring a “uniform civil code.”

The editorial in the Samana categorically asked Modi government to come clear on why it was comfortable with cow slaughter in some states while banning it in others. “The cow has been given the status of a mother in Hindu society… but for a large section of the population, beef is a part of their diet. In Goa, the BJP is in power and a large section there eats beef. Will Manohar Parrikar take a stand to hang those who eat beef in Goa?” it said.

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