See: Miley Cyrus performed ‘Lakshmi Puja’ at home

miley cyrus

Los Angeles, feb 7:While people in the US were busy with super Bowl, Hollywood singer Miley Cyrus has performed Lakshmi puja in her house. a Hindu ritual performed to worship Goddess Lakshmi.

The 24-year-old posted a picture on Instagram whereyou can see a traditional Hindu prayer set-up with the Goddess of Wealth (LAKSHMI JI) being worshipped, alongside an offering of fruits and halwa with incense sticks and diyas.


“Fruit bowl over Super… offering,” she captioned her image.

Another photograph featured a traditional Indian set up with the floors covered in flower petal and cushions.

miley cyrus

Candles in glass jars dotted the area, and Miley captioned it “Puja”.

Wefornews Bureau 

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