Section of BJP MPs Unhappy with Demonetisation

New Delhi, November 18: While publicly they are heaping lavish praise on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s step to fight corruption and black money through demonetisation, a section of the ruling BJP leaders, including MPs, are unhappy with the government’s move.

A meeting of party MPs called by Bharatiya Janata Party chief Amit Shah to discuss ways of promoting and endorsing demonetisation in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh (UP) and the adjoining states, was cancelled at the eleventh hour, following apprehensions that a section of the MPs may express their displeasure over the move.

According to sources, the meeting that was to be held on Wednesday was called off after apprehensions were raised that certain MPs may express their displeasure in front of Shah.

At least three of the MPs, admitted privately, that they were not happy with demonetisation and said they had to face the backlash of people in their respective constituencies. They said people were even coming to their houses to complain about the lack of availability of cash and the pains they had to undergo to get their money exchanged in banks.

At least 3 BJP MPs admitted…they were not happy with demonetisation..fear…backlash of people in their respective constituencies

While Shah proposed that banners and posters endorsing demonetisation and hailing Prime Minister Modi for the “bold move” be put up in Uttar Pradesh, the MPs got cold feet fearing it may backfire.


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