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Schoolboy ‘tyrelessly’ produces bio-fuel

GURUGRAM, April 5: Anubhav Wadhwa, a 17-year-old boy well known for his green ventures has started “Tyrelessly” which recycles used tyres to produce bio-fuel and other by-products.

Tyrelessly will feature in the report selected by an expert advisory panel led by Jeffrey.

“Youngsters are contributing to sustainable development but they face challenges that prevent them from realising their full potential. These challenges include the lack of visibility, limited access to finance, and the lack of training and technical support,” said Siamak Sam Loni, Global Coordinator of SDSN Youth.

The report will help investors, donors and supporters better understand the multi-faceted role of young people in sustainable development and give them additional opportunities to showcase and scale their work, he added.

Wadhwa, CEO & founder, Tyrelessly, said his aim is to encourage people to donate their used tyres for responsible disposal or energy recovery. “Our goal is to inspire smarter choices for a sustainable future and I believe that individual actions, such as recycling and adopting greener ways to dispose, can add up to a big impact for the planet,” he added.

TOI had earlier reported that Wadhwa, had founded Tyrelessly, his third green venture at the age of 16. All one needs to do is to log into Tyrelessly web platform and click on the option ‘Tyreless’, following which the team sends their truck to pick up the tyres from one’s doorstep and sends the same for recycling.

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