Scare of Gujarat defeat led to GST slash, Shiv Sena hits out at BJP


New Delhi, Nov 13: Taking a jibe at its key ally, Shiv Sena said “scare of defeat looming large” on the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the Gujarat Assembly elections prompted the GST council to slash the indirect tax on over 200 items.

Sena  in the party mouthpieces ‘Saamana’ and ‘Dopahar Ka Saamana’ asserted ” The BJP, which till the other day proclaimed arrogantly that there would be “no change in the GST taxation regime, all the people in the country are supporting it”, has suddenly “bowed before growing public ire” and resorted to the reduction in GST on so many items at one go.

Now, the very same BJP is beating drums that this (reduction) would benefit the common traders, businessman and the masses, and is eyeing the political dividends in the crucial  Gujarat elections.

“Why did they (BJP) suddenly yield? Because of the massive opposition it is facing in Gujarat… Villages after villages are boycotting BJP, its President Amit Shah is campaigning on the streets, press conferences are being disrupted, campaign posters are being ripped off, even Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to address some 50 rallies in his home state,” the Sena stated.

In a bid to clinch the elections, needless to say a lot of money will be thrown , just like in the October 2014 assembly polls in Maharashtra, Union Cabinet Ministers and Chief Ministers of all BJP-ruled states would camp in Gujarat for days, “leaving governance to the gods”.

“The top economists in the country including ex-PM Manmohan Singh have said how, like demonetization, even GST has hit the economy badly. But, all opponents were dubbed as traitors. The BJP, which used to scorn, ‘Who is Manmohan Singh’ has finally been brought on its knees by the people of Gujarat on election-eve,” the Sena noted.

The edit added it’s an acknowledged fact that GST led to  high inflation and the common masses have been seriously affected, yet there are some proponents who have been praising all this – “These are the real enemies of the country… They have indulged in financial irregularities and dumped the economy into a ditch. They should be booked and tried under the law”.

The Sena said the India belongs to the small traders as much as it belongs to big industrialists like the Adanis, and whenever the interests and livelihood of the masses are undermined, it (Sena) would stand up against the Modi-led government, as it did during note ban and later the GST.

“During the past four months of the GST regime, the small businessmen have suffered big losses, businesses have shut down, many jobs have been lost, they have been beaten up for opposing GST, and the effect of all would be seen in the elections… The PM’s 50 public meetings or the rainfall of cash will not get them votes… We salute all the people of Gujarat for making the BJP scrape before it,” the Sena said.

Concluding the sensational edit sena stated “Gujarat Me Fati, to GST Ghati'” (Scare in Gujarat, led to GST slash)”

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