SC in its order observes the helplessness of women in love

A failed love affair from 1995, where a woman committed suicide when she got stuck in a peculiar situation between her parents and lover have found its judgement.

this incident took place in Rajasthan after which the police detained her lover but now the supreme court has set aside the conviction and life sentence of the man while giving its judgement. supreme court stated that “it is very common in india for woman to sacrifice her love and accept the decision of her parents”.

According to the court the woman initially decided to leave her partener but failed to do so which lead them to marry without the consent of her parents who were opposing this marriage on the basis of caste differences.

The police found garlands, bangels and vermillion form the site of the incident, the man also confirmed that they were all set to get married but as the woman was not ready so they decided to commit suicide and consumed copper.

the man also said that “the amount of copper consumed by the woman was more than his as a result the woman started struggling for life and he went out to seek help but when he returned the woman was found hanging from the ceiling”

A bench of Justices A K Sikri and Ashok Bhushan noted then she was madly in love with the appellant (man) and wanted to marry him, there is a possibility that after receiving such kind of shabbily treatment at the hands of her parents, in anguish she may have decided to revolt and, therefore, proposed to the appellant that they should get married for which they chose a secluded place,

the bench acquited the manSCas it was not able to prove his guilt and can not punish him on the basis unreasonable doubts.

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