Saqib Saleem lashes out on being asked to leave the country

Saqib Saleem

Mumbai, Aug 8 (IANS) Actor Saqib Saleem, who is known for featuring in movies such as “Dishoom” and “Mere Dad Ki Maruti”, has lashed at those who have asked him leave India. The actor says he is a proud Indian who loves his country.

“I am a proud Indian who loves his country. But if I feel like something’s amiss I will ask questions. If you got a problem with that then I am afraid it’s your problem to take care of. Some of you are hell bent on sending me to Pakistan. Please don’t worry about me I am fine where I am,” Saqib tweeted.

A user wrote: “But still I want to know that what should we ask to Kashmir people? Aisa kya hua jo galat he. (What is that so wrong?)”

To which Saqib had replied: “Kuch nahi Bhai sab theek hai (Nothing is wrong, everything id fine.) Communication black out, no one (can) get in touch with their families, curfew lock down hai poori Valley mien, all the elected representatives are under house arrest, logon ka future uncertain hai (future of people are uncertain). Par aap tension mat lijiye nothing major (But you don’t take tension. Nothing major.)”

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