Sangh has submitted to BJP: Subhash Velingkar


Goa, Jan 18, 2017: The former key member of Rashtriya Sewa Sangh (RSS) Subhash Velingkar, who has formed his own party and alliance with Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party (MGP) and Shiv Sena to take on BJP in the upcoming assembly election in Goa, discusses his objectives in an interview with Indian Express.

Earlier Velingkar initiated a civil war in the Sangh cadre.

When asked about on what issues his party is fighting these elections, he said our fight is with principles and equality and Congress government gave grants to English-medium private schools but the stand was that these grants should be given only to local language schools.

Union Minister Manohar Parrikar had publicly spoken against this policy before elections and in the Goa assembly as leader of the opposition, he had said that if the policy was continued the culture of Goa would get destroyed in years. When the BJP government came to power it surprisingly chose to follow the same policies to appease the Christian community, he said.

He also said: There is massive denationalisation taking place among Christians and to an extent among some Hindus. The Portuguese consulate and other organisations are using government funds to indulge in anti-national activities. This thing was initially fostered by the Congress government and is now being nurtured by the BJP for its electoral benefit.

On which he blames Parrikar by saying “The blame for this goes to Parrikar… He is playing with the culture of this state. If the local languages of a state die then you are laying the foundation for the denationalisation of a state.”

When the interviewer asked Why he blaming Parrikar, he is not even the chief minister of Goa, he said Laxmikant Parsekar is a dummy chief minister. All decisions in the state are taken at Parrikar’s behest. He runs the government. He holds meetings of secretaries and undersecretaries in Parsekar’s absence and takes decisions for the government. Parrikar is responsible for the murder of Goa’s culture.

Talking about his association in Sangh from over 40 years, how did the Sangh react to your stand, Velingkar said the Sangh initially supported my agitation. In 2015 the Sangh’s Akhil Bhartiya Pratinindhi Sabha had passed a resolution which stated that a child’s initial education should be in his/her mother tongue. That was what I was fighting for as well. Everything went well till the elections came close. I got orders from above that I should not hold a press conference or take Parrikar’s name.

Our fight was on principles. I told them when I was fighting against the Congress on the same issue you never said anything so why were they asking me to back down when I was speaking on the same issue against the BJP. They did not listen to me and removed me from my post. If the Congress breaks principles then it is a sinner but when one of our own does it you do not call him a sinner. In the Sangh, we stick to principles. We did not learn to be two-faced, he added.

Asked on do you think Sangh is changing, he said that “I would like to reply to this by giving an example. In Guhagar there was a massive agitation against Enron. The Sangh sent one of its workers, Surendra Thatte, to mobilise people there. After some time the protests were stopped and Thatte was conveniently sidelined. Those who do not toe the line are discarded. Earlier, however, people would not speak out.

I have not stepped out of the Sangh. I have however escaped from the controlling authority that runs the Sangh. The entire structure of the BJP has become one of the dalals. I will stay with the Sangh but we do not want a weak and helpless leadership. I am getting phones from across India and activists are restless. The Sangh these days has submitted to the BJP… Whatever paap the BJP does the Sangh will support., he said.

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