Sambit Patra dodges questions related to beef controversy

sambit patra
sambit patra, File Photo

Panaji, June 3: BJP’s Sambit Patra on Saturday evaded all questions related to the beef controversy and the controversial central government notification on cattle trade and slaughter, saying his brief was only to speak about three years of the Narendra Modi government.

Asked if the beef-related violence was casting a slur on the BJP-led NDA’s achievements, Patra said: “My mandate is to speak about three years and I will speak only about that. I will not trespass beyond that. And the mantra of this government is ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’.”

Patra, who was in Panaji to speak about the three-year achievements of the NDA regime, also downplayed posers whether he was under instructions from his party not to comment on the beef controversy.

“The press conference is about three years of Modi government. I have come with everything. I will speak everything. If you want any clarification about employment or LED bulb distribution or Ujjwala… We will distribute three crore LPG cylinders bulbs..,” he said.

Asked about beef-related vigilantism in several parts of the country and whether the beef ban would affect the dietary intake of India’s poor, Patra said: “With all due respect. You all have every right to question and I have to be patient and answer. I will answer my way. I will answer your questions for sure. I will not run away…My mandate is to talk about this great achievement of three years. Pages after pages… will not end. The achievements are so numerous. So, I will only speak about this mandate.”

“Thats why Mudra (bank), Ujjwala (Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana), I have others also…. You want to know about the poor people… Definitely, food is very important. Two crore LPG cylinders have been given to poor people and we will give LPG cylinders to five crore people. See previously because of smoke the women used to suffer,” he added.


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