Samajwadi Party Feud: Son meets Father but deadlock remains


Lucknow, Jan 10: Mulayam Singh Yadav on Tuesday met Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav in order to resolve the ongoing unrest in between the Samajwadi party.

The meeting was 90 minutes long and was held at Mulayam Singh’s residence. The meeting came during the intense tension between two camps of Samajwadi Party over party’s symbol ‘cycle’.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Mulayam Singh said that “Akhilesh will be the Chief Minister after the election, there is no confusion about it.” He also said earlier in the day that “there is no dispute between my son and me.”

A source close to the Chief Minister confirmed the “persisting mutual distrust” but expressed happiness they had met. Also, during the meet Shivpal and Amar Singh were not present.

Akhilesh was irked because as he thinks that Mulayam is constructed around a demand that Shivpal and Amar Singh should be removed from the decision making. He accuses both of them of instigating Mulayam Singh against him. However, CM’s father has not indicated to work on the demands of his son.

On the other hand, Mulayam accuses Ram Gopal Yadav of misguiding Akhilesh.

The sources said the impasse continued as Akhilesh Yadav drove out without making any commitment to his father. He is learnt to have told him that he would consult his team and Ram Gopal Yadav and revert.

Both sides have petitioned the Election Commission claiming the ‘cycle’ symbol and are seemingly working at cross purposes.

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