Sam Pitroda slams Modi government, says temples, religion will not create jobs

Gandhinagar, July 16 : In an indirect attack on Narendra Modi government, technocrat Sam Pitroda said that debates on temples, God and religion will not create jobs in the country and the future lies in science and technology.

Pitroda said that the main issue of employment is  given a political angle and involves “a lot of rhetoric and very little substance”.

Extremely worried over the changing environment of the country where debates are being diverted from national issues to religious topics,Pitroda said, “I get worried that the ongoing debates in this country are on temples, religion and caste. Whenever you talk of employment, there is always political interference.”

He was speaking at a session on employment and entrepreneurship on the concluding day of the Youth Parliament at Karnavati University in Gandhinagar.

Slamming the Modi led central government ,Pitroda said, “Creating more jobs remains a challenge” and suggested that the government should  look at the idea of job creation with the mindset of the future and not the past.

“When I hear all the debates in this country about temple, religion, God, caste, I worry about India. Temples are not going to create jobs for tomorrow. Only science will create the future,”  Pitroda said.

However, there is very little conversation on science in public domain, he said.

The country’s youth are being misguided by people, mainly politicians, talking about useless things that lead them to the wrong path, he alleged.

Delivering a speech on ‘Employment and Entrepreneurship,’  Pitroda said India lacked the “right mindset” to look at jobs of tomorrow as the “concept of jobs that we understand today is long dead”.

“We have too much conversation in this country on useless issues, and it bothers me. We talk about petty things, we misguide our young, we lead them to the wrong path, we don’t tell them facts, we lie to them,” he said.

“It hurts, but I see a lot of these leaders saying things that don’t make sense at all. Because they are ignorant, they have not achieved much in their life besides giving bhashans (speeches). They are not qualified to guide our young,” he said.

The tech entrepreneur who worked closely with former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi said jobs today were threatened by technology.

Human longevity and modern technologies like robotics, big data, analytics, cloud computing and open source software are automating things and making routine works redundant, he said.

Pitroda advised students to think in a way different than their parents, teachers and politicians, saying that they have not been able to gauge the changes of the future and the contours of the changing job scenario.

More entrepreneurship, innovations, flexible job hours, working from anywhere and anytime will be the future, he said.

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