Salman don’t take celebrity status seriously


Mumbai, June 6: Superstar Salman Khan says he is a present living person and does not take his stardom seriously.

Salman asked what he wants to achieve in life: “I live my life moment to moment. If I can make this moment the best one, I know I will get something out of it…

“As an actor I’m doing my job. The persona you are seeing on screen is a contribution of more than 100 people from the different departments like camera, make-up and lights. How can I take that madness that you guys (media and common people) call stardom so seriously? I don’t.”

The “Dabangg” star said it was very difficult for him to play an innocent boy in his upcoming film “Tubelight”.

“(The) character in the film took me back to my school days. Sohail and I used to recollect so many memories of our childhood… Playing an innocent and pure character at an age when you are no more innocent, when you have experienced the corrupt world, was quite a task.”

“Our understanding of films is very different. His approach is more realistic, he comes from documentary filmmaking. On the other hand, I am into commercial Bollywood. Perhaps that is why when these two meet, a new style is born.”

However, he said he won’t work with Kabir if a script is not good.

Salman also commented on the success of Aamir Khan’s “Dangal”: “As long as no one is losing their money, I am happy. If the audience loves the film, I am happy.”

“Tubelight” releases on June 25.

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