Sadhu Yadav is ‘kans mama’: Tej Pratap Yadav

Tej Pratap Yadav
Tej Pratap Yadav

Patna, Dec 11 : Agitated over former MP and his maternal uncle Sadhu Yadav‘s remark against his brother Tejashwi Yadav’s inter-caste marriage, Lalu Prasad’s elder son Tej Pratap Yadav on Saturday said the former is a “kans mama”.

Sadhu Yadav on Friday accused Tejashwi of demeaning the image of the Lalu family by marrying a girl from a different community.

“Tejashwi does not deserve to be called the Leader of Opposition of the Bihar Assembly,” Sadhu Yadav said.

“He is being arbitrary in the family and party. He wants to rule us. We cannot allow him to do so. We will boycott him. We will teach him a lesson,” said Sadhu Yadav, who was not invited for the marriage.

He said that Lalu Prasad’s old aide Prem Gupta is a “corrupt” person. “In fact, all the invited persons who attended the wedding were corrupt,” Sadhu Yadav said.

Tej Pratap alleged: “Sadhu Yadav was the murderer of Shilpi Jain and Gautam Singh. The double murder took place in July 1999 and Sadhu Yadav was asked to undergo a DNA test.”

“My father Lalu Prasad was defamed for 15 years due to Sadhu Yadav’s criminal activities. Sadhu Yadav’s value is not more than Rs 2. He has used the name of Lalu Prasad family to become a billionaire. He does not have the guts to stay in front of me. I am in Vrindavan right now. Wait for my return, I will teach him a lesson. People of Bihar will beat him with shoes,” Tej Pratap said.

Tejashwi tied the nuptial knot with his long-time friend Rachen Godinho, who is a Christian, in Delhi on Thursday.

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