Sack RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan: Subramanian Swamy written advise to PM Modi


Prime minister has many advisers and one of his top advisor Subramanian Swamy has written  to Narendra Modi recommending that he should terminate Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan with immediate effect .

In his letter to the PM, BJP lawmaker Swamy states that first of all Rajan is an appointee of Congress led UPA .

Further accused  Dr Rajan of an “apparently deliberate attempt to wreck the Indian economy,” and contends that the RBI governor is “mentally not fully Indian.” since he continues to renew the Green Card issued to him by the US government.

So prime Minister Narendra Modi must “consider terminating the appointment” of Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan “effective immediately or when his term ends” in September.

After his advise , Swamy gave examples as to why he is recommending Rajan’s termination.Dr Rajan’s actions that he alleges have hurt the economy,Mr Swamy cites what he calls the “disatrous” concept of containing inflation by raising interest rates. He has alleged that Dr Rajan’s decisions have squeezed small and medium business and increased unemployment in the country.

Swamy’s suggestion last week that Raghuram Rajan – who teaches at the Booth School of Business at Chicago University and is on leave to serve as the central bank’s governor – be “sent back to Chicago”.


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