Sabarimala temple remains shut for pilgrims

Sabarimala temple

Sabarimala, Aug 23: The famous Sabarimala temple in Kerala will remain shut for the pilgrims until further notice due to the overflowing Pamba river, authorities said on Thursday.

The temple was closed on August 13 following massive floods.

According to the temple authorities, the floods have caused damage worth Rs 100 crore to its infrastructure.

A. Padmakumar, President of the Travancore Devasom Board which manages the Sabarimala temple, told the media that they had no other option but to close it down.

The sluice gates of two dams that forms a part of the Sabarigiri project, was opened after heavy rains and subsequent floods ravaged places in and around the temple town.

However, all the religious rituals of the temple will be conducted.

Following the decision, several pilgrims from Tamil Nadu who had planned for a pilgrimage have cancelled their trip.

The temple is open only during from the middle of November till the middle of January, but for several years now, it is kept open for a few days at the start of every Malayalam month which falls during the middle of every month.


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