Russia-Ukraine war: Five killed after explosions rock Kiev TV tower

Multiple Ukrainian television channels reportedly went offline after the blasts
Kiev TV tower
Kiev TV tower (File Photo)

At least two large explosions hit Kiev TV tower on Tuesday, sending a massive column of smoke above the Ukrainian capital, unverified videos show. The blasts disrupted the work of multiple TV channels, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry has confirmed.

The country’s emergency services said that five people were killed and five more were injured as a result of what they referred to as “shelling.” Earlier, Ukrainian minister of culture said that no TV employees were injured or killed in the blasts.

Unverified footage circulating online shows smoke billowing from buildings by the tower moments after the first blast.

It was not immediately clear what exactly caused the explosions, but the blasts came shortly after Russia’s Defense Ministry warned about imminent strikes on the Ukrainian capital. The Russian military said it would strike strategically important targets, used by Ukraine’s military and intelligence, including comms installations, urging civilians living nearby to take shelter. However, Moscow is yet to confirm whether its military carried out any such strikes.

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