Russia to Assist Zambia in Building Nuclear Research centre: Rosatom


Russia will develop nuclear power industry in Zambia including by constructing a nuclear research center, Russian nuclear energy corporation Rosatom CEO Sergey Kirienko said Tuesday.The two countries signed a cooperation agreement on peaceful atomic energy at the Atomexpo 2016 forum.

To this end, Moscow and Lusaka have already agreed to train 20 students from Zambia in Russian universities annually, Kirienko added.There is no need to compare nuclear and renewable power and the need is to find the ‘right mix’, chief of Russian atomic power corporation Rosatom chief Sergyey Kiriyenko said.

Kiriyenko stressed that renewable and nuclear power need to be mixed to achieve a carbon free economy.

“We don’t have to compare renewable energy and nuclear power. It is about optimum mix. Economies become burdened if they depend on one source of power,” said Kiriyenko, who has also served as the prime minister of Russia in the past.

“Robust supply of power is needed for the industry. We need to have some basic load. This basic load can be ensured by nuclear power,” he noted.

“Countries like Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Egypt and Jordan which have abundant sunshine (for generating solar power) are also going for nuclear energy,” Kiriyenko said.


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