Russia restricts liberal media outlets

The move has been strongly criticized by the well-known Russian journalist Alexey Venediktov
Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin

Russia has demanded the country’s media regulator pull two popular liberal press outlets off the air due to their coverage of Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, the General Prosecutor’s office ordered Roskomnadzor to restrict access to the Echo of Moscow’s Radio Station and TV-channel Rain for their alleged spread of false information in relation to the actions of Russia’s armed forces in the Eastern European nation.

Television channel Rain, known as Dozhd in Russian, has been designated as a foreign agent due to its links to overseas funding. Echo of Moscow is indirectly state-owned by the Gazprom media conglomerate.

The General Prosecutor’s office also accused the two agencies of calling for violence against Russian citizens, as well as encouraging violations of public order by urging participation in mass demonstrations against the military action.

Echo’s editor-in-chief, the well-known liberal journalist Alexey Venediktov, hit out at the decision, arguing that “these claims are not supported by any examples or evidence.” He insisted that “they are groundless and offensive to journalists and Russian citizens.”

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