Russia claims it destroyed a Kiev shopping centre used for rocket launchers

Russian Forces in Ukraine
Russian Forces in Ukraine (File)

Moscow, March 22 : Russian forces claimed to have used precision-guided weapons to destroy a battery of Ukrainian multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) and their ammunition storage base, located in a non-functioning shopping centre on the outskirts of Kiev.

Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian Defence Ministry, said that in Vynohradar district on the outskirts of Kiev, Ukrainian nationalist units covered residential buildings for several days and fired at the Russian military with MLRS, RT reported.

According to the ministry, Ukrainian units used the area of a nearby shopping centre as a large base for storing rocket-propelled ammunition, as well as reloading multiple launch rocket systems.

Russian intelligence through several channels confirmed the coordinates of the position of the Ukrainian MLRS and revealed the location of the ammunition depot.

It is noted that a video footage of objective control shows a Ukrainian multiple rocket launcher entering the shopping centre for shelter after the next salvo and reloading of missiles.

“On the night of March 21, a battery of Ukrainian multiple launch rocket systems and a base for storing their ammunition in a non-functioning shopping centre were destroyed by high-precision long-range weapons on the night of March 21,” the Defence Ministry said.

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