RSS warned BJP of its decreasing popularity among people


RSS has warned BJP government of its decreasing popularity among citizens. Pointing out several failures of the government RSS on the basis of feedbacks from various frontal organisations has alerted the government.

RSS has raised red flags on the economic slowdown, job losses and dismal job creation. RSS has also hinted the failure of demonetisation which the government claims as a successfull move and unrest among farmers.

The Sangh has informed government managers that its cadres on the ground have noticed common people starting to discuss these issues and ask uncomfortable questions, the sources said.

The government has been told that although Modi remained popular, that cannot guarantee electoral victory. “We should remember that the BJP lost the 2004 Lok Sabha polls despite the India Shining campaign and the personal popularity of Atal Bihari Vajpayee,” an RSS functionary told the Telegraph

According to Telegraph sources, many frontal organisations of the RSS sorely criticised the government’s economic performance and said that people are not satisfied with government’s functioning.

“The expectation among the people was that lots of black money will be unearthed because of demonetization and they will benefit. That has not happened and so they feel cheated,” one RSS leader was quoted as saying.

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