RSS wants to penetrate into every institution: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Bhubneshwar, Jan 25: In a blistering attack, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Friday said the RSS believes that it should be the only institution in this country and the idea is to penetrate into every Indian institution.

While addressing at ‘The Odisha Dialogue’ in Bhubaneswar, Gandhi said that “RSS believes that it should be the only institution in the country. The idea is to systematically penetrate all institutions. We believe that institutions should be independent”.

“The monopolisation and capture of education and healthcare system, and the idea that a middle-class person has to pay lakhs of rupees to get decent education needs to be challenged”.

“Odisha has a special role today. This is the state that transformed emperor Ashok from a violent emperor to a nonviolent institution builder. It is in your nature to have conversations”, he asserted.

The AICC Chief hit out at the BJP government over crony capitalism, saying ” the banking system is necessary to create jobs, but, today it is completely captured by the crony capitalists. Young entrepreneurs should have similar access to banking system as Mr. Anil Ambani does”.

Gandhi accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of destroying the Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs).

“MSMEs are the ones which will create jobs. What is being done for the last 5 years is a massacre of MSMEs through Demonetisation and GST. Instead of seeing MSMEs as our asset, PM Modi destroyed them”, he said.

“I realise he (PM Modi) disagrees with me & I disagree with him, and I will fight him and I will try and make sure that he is not the prime minister but I don’t hate him. I give him the right to have his opinion”, the Congress leader added.


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