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RSS spreading rumours to break grand alliance: Tej Pratap



Tej Pratap Yadav

Patna, June 10: Rubbishing the news of family infighting, Former Bihar minister and Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) leader Tej Pratap Yadav on Sunday attacked the Rashtriya Swayamevek Sangh, asking it not to spread rumours about him.

Targeting RSS and the ruling party, Tej Pratap warned that in order to form a government in 2019, the grand alliance should be cautious enough from  RSS and some party leaders with vested interests who are keen to create division and dispute between him and his younger brother Tejashwi Yadav.

Tej Pratap said he will not allow any rift between him and his younger brother Tejashwi. He also said there are some anti-social people in the party who needed to be identified.


राजद और गठबंधन सहयोगियों के सामने 2019 के लिए एक नई सरकार बनाने की बड़ी जिम्मेवारी है लेकिन हमें उन असामाजिक तत्वों से सावधान रहना है जो इस एकता में सेंध लगाना चाहते हैं।जय भीम, जय बहुजन, जय मंडल, जय हिंद।।

Posted by Tej Pratap Yadav on Saturday, 9 June 2018

“For RJD and its allies, main responsibility is to oust the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party)-led government at the Centre in 2019. But there are some anti-social elements in the party who are keen to break the unity,” he posted

Tej Pratap said “there is no rift between him and his brother Tejashwi but state President RC Purve is ignoring youth workers.”

“All this news of family infighting etc is false, there is no such thing, I have nothing against Tejashwi and Lalu ji but yes some other senior leaders in the party are sidelining youth workers,” he told reporters.

“The state President RC Purve is ignoring workers,” he added.

Denying reports of a rift between him and his younger brother Tejashwi Yadav, Tej Pratap said,”Sometimes I feel sidelined and ignored in the party. But I will not do anything that could threaten party’s unity. Tejashwi is very close to my heart,” he told the media.

The former health minister of Bihar also suggested that some party leaders with vested interests are keen to create division and dispute between him and his younger brother Tejashwi Yadav.

Tejashwi is a former Deputy Chief Minister and present Leader of Opposition in the Bihar Assembly. He is considered by many as the heir apparent to Lalu Prasad in politics.

In a series of tweets and Facebook posts,Tej Pratap Yadav has brought into focus possible dissension in the party.Elder son of RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav on Saturday posted messages in Hindi on Facebook and Twitter using mythological idioms that seemed to hint that he was seeking to “withdraw” from active politics and cede control of the party to Lalu’s designated successor and his younger brother, Tejashwi.

मेरा सोंचना है कि मैं अर्जुन को हस्तिनापुर की गद्दी पर बैठाऊं और खुद द्वारका चला जाऊँ।अब कुछेक "चुग्लों" को कष्ट है कि कहीं मैं किंग मेकर न कहलाऊं।।।। राधे राधे।।

Posted by Tej Pratap Yadav on Friday, 8 June 2018




Shaikh Akleem is ‘Sita’, Afzal Ansari is ‘Lord Shiva’ in this Bihar Ramlila



Bihar Ramlila
The stage is set for the Ramlila — the dramatic re-enactment of the life of Hindu god Lord Ram performed in the run-up to Dussehra — in this small Bihar village, with Muslims plentiful among the performers, organisers and the audience. (Credit-HT Photo)

Sato Awanti (Bihar), Oct 17: For nearly four decades, Muslims in this Bihar village have been helping Hindus celebrate Dussehra and playing mythical characters in the Ramlila — a dramatic representation of the life of Lord Rama. The village is an example of India’s composite culture and the communal harmony lived through Dussehra.

For 10 days, Shaikh Akleem is Goddess Sita, Guddu Tiwari is Lord Rama while Afzal Ansari is Lord Shiva and Amit Singh becomes Hanuman, enthralling people from far and near with their get-up and performances in Sato Awanti, a village in Kaimur district, about 200 km off Patna.

Shaikh Akleem (19) is thrilled playing the role of Sita, with Tiwari as “Maryada Purushottam Ram”.

“I am lucky to play Sita, loved and respected by all. It is a matter of pride for me,” Akleem said.

Guddu Tiwari, playing the role of Rama, said that Ramlila here was unique because it was played and organised with the help of Muslims. “Both Muslims and Hindus treat Ramlila as their own, it is special for us.”

This is a part of decades-old tradition started by a group of Muslims with the support of Hindus in Sato Awanti. Both the communities enthusiastically participate in Ramlila in the village.

“It all started 36 years ago, in 1982, when a few Muslims, including Jamaluddin Ansari and Nurul Ansari, decided to organise Ramlila. Over the years, this village has become popular for it,” said Shaikh Mumtaz Ali, the Director of Ramlila in the village.

In the first Ramlila organised in the village, Khurshid Alam played the role of Lord Rama and Jamaluddin Ansari acted out Kumbhakaran, the younger brother of Ravana. Sharfuddin Ansari, a martial expert, has been helping the troupe depict war scenes.

Shaikh Mumtaz Ali, the father of Akleem, said that “we have successfully managed the Ramlila show for the last six days, and hope to do so for the remaining three days”.

The response of the people has been overwhelming, Shaikh Mumtaz Ali said.

During the evening show, loud chants of “Siyavar Ram Chandra Ki Jai” by the audience that has several Muslims can be heard.

“Not just Hindus, but several Muslims from the neighbouring villages and some from far-off villages come to watch our rare show,” said Shaikh Mumtaz Ali.

According to Suresh Singh, the patron of Ramlila in the village, both Muslims and Hindus donate money and work together to ensure the success of the show.

“In our village, more than religious, it is a social event with participation from all. It’s a positive sign,” Suresh Singh said.

This year, Tauqeer Ansari is playing the role of Kumbhakaran. Dozens of children, both Hindu and Muslim, form the “Vanar Sena” of Lord Rama, he said.

The spirit of conviviality can be gauged from the fact that Hindus help Muslims take out the Muharram procession in the village.

“We are proud that Muslims help us, support us to celebrate Durga Puja. They have set an example of harmony. This is unheard of anywhere else,” Guddu Tiwari said.

Mahesh Prasad, a villager, said: “We can’t think of celebrating the festival in such a big way without the support of Muslims.”


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Rampal gets life imprisonment in second murder case




Hisar, Oct 17: A Hisar court on Wednesday awarded life imprisonment to self-styled godman Rampal in the November 2014 murder case (FIR number 430). 

Thirteen others were also awarded the same punishment.

The court of Additional District and Sessions Judge D.R. Chalia, who convicted them on October 11, awarded the life sentence.

This comes a day after, Rampal and 14 others were sentenced life imprisonment in another case, connected to the death of four women and a child, who lost their lives due to suffocation and illness during the impasse at his Ashram.

Last week, the court had convicted Rampal and others under Sections 302 (murder), 343 (wrongful confinement) and 120 B (conspiracy) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

The two murder cases against him relate to the murder of six people during violent clashes between his supporters and Haryana Police at his Satlok Ashram near Barwala town in Hisar district.

Since their arrest in November 2014, Rampal and his aides have been lodged in the jail.


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Sabarimala Temple opening: Police detain protesters



Pamba, Oct 17: The Police on Wednesday detained people protesting against the entry of women in the age group of 10-50 to Kerala’s Sabarimala Temple.

Some of the devotees had been staging a sit-in chanting Ayyappa mantra in protest near Pamba base camp against the Supreme Court verdict permitting women to enter the shrine.

In another incident, strong protests by Sabarimala traditionalists reportedly forced a 40-year-old Andhra woman, named Madhvi and her family to abandon their trip to the Lord Ayyappa temple.

Today is crucial for the Kerala government as it pitches to implement the September 28 Apex Court judgement.

The doors of the temple that would be opened at 5 p.m. would remain open till October 22. This is the first time that the shrine would be opening after the apex court’s verdict.


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