RSS leader seeks Justice for UP Passport officer

Lucknow Couple
Image: News 18

New Delhi, June 22: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) leader Rajiv Tuli has extended support to Lucknow passport officer Vikas Mishra, allegedly accused of discrimination, and sought “justice” for the latter. 

Tuli said in a tweet ” Vikas Mishra should get justice. there was a world beyond the victim card and having contacts among the higher-officers”

He urged external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to give Mishra a chance to speak his side of the story, Tuli also said even the minister “was not above the law and demanded fair probe into the matter.

However, Tuli later stated that his tweet was personal and not as part of the RSS.

“My tweet has got nothing to do with RSS”, he said.

On Thursday, the couple Tanvi Seth and Mohammad Anas Siddiqui claimed that they were being harassed by an officer at a Lucknow Passport Office, as the former was married to a Muslim and had not changed her name.

The woman, while addressing the media, said that she was being harassed as the officer questioned her marital status, asking her why she had not changed her name later she was thankful to the officials for timely response.

However, the Regional Passport Office, Lucknow later clarified that the passports of the inter-faith couple have been issued, adding that strict action will be taken.

Meanwhile defending his stand, Passport Officier Vikas Mishra yesterday told media that “Asked Tanvi Seth to get the name’Shadia Anas’endorsed as it was mentioned on her Nikahnama, but she refused. We have to do thorough checks to ensure no person is changing their name to obtain a passport”.


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