RSS’ cow protectors are terrorising minorities: Yechury


New Delhi, April 10: In a scathing attack on Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh (RSS) Chief Mohan Bhagwat, CPI (M) general secretary Sitaram Yechury said on the name of cow protection religious minorities, dalits are being tortured by private armies set up by the saffron wing.

He asked why people of RSS are taking law into their own hands and not believe in the law of order.

Yechury said, “If the law in the state is violated, there are state agencies to implement the law and take care of the violators.”

Putting a direct question to Bhagwat Yechury said, “I want to ask Mohan Bhagwat why are private armies being set up by RSS, who are taking law into their own hands and in the process they are killing religious minorities, dalits in the name of cow protection.”

Rejected RSS’ idea of cow vigilante, CPI(M) general secretary termed Sangh’s cow protection campaign as ‘unacceptable’ and slammed the attacks on Minorities as nothing but the case of vigilantism.

Earlier on Sunday Bhagwat had claimed that RSS aspires for a nationwide ban on cow slaughter and hailed the efforts of its members in successfully raising the issue of cow slaughter in certain states. He also said, “Nothing should be done while protecting cows that hurts the belief of some people. Nothing should be done that is violent. It only defames the efforts of cow protectors… The work of cow conservation should be carried out while obeying laws and the Constitution,” Bhagwat added.

The defence by the RSS chief came on the backdrop of last week’s lynching of a Muslim man by a mob of Cow vigilantes in Alwar in BJP-ruled Rajasthan. one man succumbed to injuries and was later found to be a cattle farmer and not a cow transporter as suspected by the cow protectors.

After winning UttarPradesh Assembly elections, UP as well as several other BJP run states in India have banned cow slaughter and imposed stringent laws against consuming beef, however some north-eastern states, West Bengal, Kerala and even BJP-ruled Goa, had not put a legal restriction on consuming beef yet.

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