RSS chief threatened to kill Mahatma Gandhi : CID Reports

“RSS said that no power on earth could keep them in Hindustan. They shall have to quit this country. Mahatma Gandhi wanted to keep the Muslims in India and it is better to silence Gandhi.
Mahatma Gandhi

After a magistrate court at Bhiwandi in Thane has framed charges against the Congress President Rahul Gandhi in connection with a criminal defamation case filed by Rajesh Kunte of RSS. Rahul Gandhi had stated “RSS people” killed Mahatma Gandhi has again initiated the heated debate on the people involved in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.

However, there are reports in the public domain in the Delhi Police Archives that say that the RSS did threaten Gandhi and claimed that it had the means to silence him.

These are the secret source reports of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Delhi Police for the months preceding Gandhi’s assassination.

दिल्ली पुलिस की सीआईडी रिपोर्ट


n 8.12.47 about 2500 volunteers of the Sangh gathered in their camp on Rohtak Road and after physical drill, MS Golwalkar, the Guru of the Sangh addressed the volunteers. He explained the principles of the Sangh and said that it was the duty of every individual to be prepared for facing the coming crisis with full force. Very soon, they would be placing a complete scheme before them. The time for playing had gone. …”

“Referring to the Government, he said that law could not meet force. We should be prepared for guerrilla warfare on the lines of the tactics of Shivaji. The Sangh will not rest content until it had finished Pakistan. If anyone stood in our way we will have to finish him too, whether it was the Nehru Government or any other Government. The Sangh could not be won over. They should carry on their work.”

 so that the Congress may profit by their votes at the time of the election. But by that time not a single Muslim will be left in India. If they were made to stay here, the responsibility would be the Government’s, and the Hindu community will not be responsible.”

“Mahatma Gandhi could not mislead them any longer. We have the means whereby such men can be immediately silenced, but it is our tradition not to be inimical to Hindus. If we are compelled, we will have to resort to that course also.”

There are reports from CID that  indicate that the police suspected that the RSS was making efforts to procure weapons according to a  classified report  as “Strictly Secret” dated 13 November 1947 emanating from the Office of  Superintendent of Police, CID Delhi, noted attempts by the RSS workers to suborn policemen on duty at Mori Gate and at several other places in Delhi regarding a proposed attack on local Muslims.

The CID report also indicates that the RSS men planning communal violence against Muslims had “decided that the Sangh workers, in case the riots broke out, would tie white handkerchiefs on their wrists as a mark of identification”!

This indicates that RSS workers had access to arms; they were planning violence against Muslims.

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