Rousseff written statement needed in corruption case

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, who is currently suspended from office in an ongoing impeachment process, will provide a written statement in a corruption case where she was called as a witness.

Rousseff is taking advantage of an article of the Constitution, which allows those who are called witnesses to provide written statements instead of attending a court session, Xinhua news agency reported citing official reports on Friday.

The president was called as a a witness in the case against Marcelo Odebrecht, former head of construction company Odebrecht, which is involved in the corruption scheme at Brazilian oil giant Petrobras.

The construction company reportedly had an entire sector dedicated to paying bribes to the authorities and high-profile executives.

Odebrecht was also found guilty in another case of corruption and sentenced to 19 years for corruption, money laundering and criminal associations.

He has appealed the conviction.

Rousseff was impeached in May over alleged fiscal irregularities. Her trial is expected to end in August.

Vice President Michel Temer filled the position following Rousseff’s suspension.

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