Romila Thapar: Media today not communicating reality


New Delhi, May 16: Critical thinking in India is under threat. The kind of environment public feeling is serious.

Professor Romila Thapar came up with broad theme that has been animating a lot of people in India of course, but also well-wishers of India around the world.

According to her, she ceased to be a television news watcher as it is unbearable to sit there and look at what is being presented and misleading.

Many news channels have actually not gone to adivasi villages and asked the adivasi people, why they are supporting or opposing the Naxals. People from nearby are commenting on this, channels must go and ask the people who are actually involved in it.

The role of media is to communicate, do things like serious discussions but there might be people who think the role of the media is only to entertain.

Every time I talk to television or media people and say why don’t you raise the level of your discussions, or have a half-hour discussion every evening by people who are professionally equipped to talk about the subject, they say we lose our viewership, and I don’t buy that at all.

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