Roll your noodles with more interest


New Delhi, June 20: Mouthwatering noodles in your bowl or plate increases the craving for food. To make them tastier, lot of options are there like adding lemon zest, blended tomato or nuts, suggest experts.

Sid Mathur, creator and key advisor for Wai Wai City (quick service restaurant noodle bar) and Chef Manoj Pandey, partner chef at The Piano Man, have rolled out tips:

* Ingredients
Lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves and lemon zest can bring out beautiful flavours in noodles with their smell.

* Add-ons
Adding nuts like peanuts or almonds makes your noodles more crunchy with every bite.

* Mix and eat
Noodles with curried meat or vegetable can bulk up the meal and let you feel like having a proper meal.

* Sauce
A quick sauce of one fresh tomato with a pinch of pepper, salt to taste with a teaspoon of soya sauce and vinegar and water can enhance the quality of your noodles.

* Garnishing
Only a tablespoon of sesame seeds and half a cup of shelled peanut with chopped onion and a small bunch of fresh coriander makes your noodles more beautiful that you cannot stop yourself from eating.

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