Rohingyas in India will create 10 more Kashmir, says Ramdev


New Delhi, Aug 11 : Yoga guru Ramdev on Friday said that if Rohingyas or illegal immigrants are allowed to stay in India, it will lead to the creation of 10 more Kashmir.”

Supporting the National Register of Citizens (NRC) which has caused a war of words  between the Opposition and the BJP, Ramdev said, ” 30-40 million people are living illegally in India and the influx of Rohingyas has compounded the problem manifold.”

“They (Rohingyas) have been given wrong training. If they settle here, it will lead to the creation of 10 more Kashmir,” Ramdev said.

“3-4 crore log Bharat mein avaidh tareeke se rehte hain, ismein Rohingya upar se aur aa gaye, jinko galat tareeke se training di gai hai, vo yahan par bas gaye toh yahan 10 Kashmir aur tayar ho jayenge,” Ramdev

Speaking to reporters, the yoga guru claimed that total four crore illegal immigrants are living in India currently, the government of India should deport them immediately.


The second  draft of Assam NRC was released on July 30 which excluded the names of 40 lakh people sparking fears of mass-deportations.  The government released the draft on July 30, 2018, and the Registrar General of India has notified the deadline for the final list as December 31, 2018.

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