Robert Vadra states Swamy ‘Attention Seeker’, ‘Classist’


Robert Vadra, stated BJP MP Subramanian Swamy “attention seeking”, “deplorable” and “classist”.

Vadra facebook comment read “The attention seeking BJP MP Swamy’s comment “Ministers who wear a coat and tie “look like waiters” and must be instructed to wear Indian clothes. Undermining waiters who work hard for a living; making condescending and derogatory remarks about them is deplorable and classist…,”

The post came a day after Swamy tweeted that Indian ministers “look like waiters” when they wear western clothes and urged the BJP leadership to ask ministers to wear “traditional and modernised” Indian clothes when they go abroad referring to finance minister Arun Jaitley.

“BJP should direct our ministers to wear traditional and modernised Indian clothes while abroad. In coat and tie they look like waiters,” he wrote in a post that was apparently aimed at Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

Jaitley is in China currently, and has been shown in TV clips attired in coat and tie.
Swamy lashed back later in the day. “I think Mr.Vadra should concentrate on staying out of jail and not comment on political issues”

Meanwhile, Swamy stated “If I wanted to target someone, I do it openly. In fact, Mr Jaitley looks very smart in a coat”.

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