Robert Vadra provides food to migrants, who were walking on foot to reach their homes

Robert Vadra

New Delhi, May 18: Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi’s husband, Robert Vadra distributed food and essential goods to the migrant workers, who were walking on foot to reach their homes.

He brought some relief to migrants as he distributed vegetable biryani and halwa (Indian dessert) to them who were walking miles to reach their homes.

He said that the Narendra Modi government should have given more time to reach their homes when the first phase of lockdown was announced. Vadra started a campaign, “We pray to God that you reach your destination safely.”

“Lockdown was not decided in a proper way. It was just decided overnight. When some relaxations were given, I came out of my home last week and came across migrant labourers and workers moving on foot to their homes. They are walking miles to reach homes. I thought whatever help I can extend by distributing masks, footwear, sanitisers, water, I tried my best and arranged these things for people,” he said.

Robert Vadra requested all the political leaders to come above the political line and do whatever is good for the migrant workers.”We cannot politicise this issue. We all need to rise above party lines. I keep appealing to people through social media to come forward to help people as much as they can,” he said.

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