Riyadh-Mumbai Jet Airways flight aborts take-off after pilot finds object on runway

Jet Airways

Mumbai, Aug 3: A Jet Airways Riyadh-Mumbai flight 9W523 overshot the runway while trying to take off on Friday.A major accident was averted on early hours on Friday when a Jet Airways flight travelling to Mumbai from Saudi Arabia’s capital city of Riyadh rejected to take off as the  pilot found an object on the runway of the King Khalid International Airport and decided to abort take off.

Thus saving the lives of  passengers and  crew members . The flight had a total of 149 people on board, including 142 guests and 7 crew members.There were no casualties or injuries.

Jet Airways has reported the matter to the India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation and is fully cooperating with all concerned authorities.

Jet Airways told DGCA that “The pilot must have braked hard to ensure the plane stops in the available length of the runway, investigation is pending “

All aboard the Boeing B737-800 aircraft of the private carrier were safely evacuated and accommodated inside the terminal building.

The airline is working out alternate travel arrangements for the passengers from Riyadh.

It added that the airline’s operations across the network, including its other services from and to Riyadh, remain unaffected.

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