Risk of Alzheimer with western diet


New York, June 14: Alzheimer’s disease may increase by consuming a western diet that is high in cholesterol, fat and sugar and linked to the neurodegenerative disease, a study showed.

ApoE4 and ApoE3 are two variants of a gene that codes for a protein, apolipoprotein E, which binds fats and cholesterol.

However, all kind of APOE4 don’t gene develop the disease.

APOE4 diet fed to mice which showed increased deposits of beta-amyloid protein plaques – a marker for inflammation.

“Part of what the results are saying is that risk doesn’t affect everybody the same, and that’s true for most risk factors,” said lead author Christian Pike, Professor at the University of Southern California – Davis.

“Your genes have a big role in what happens to you, but so does your environment and your modifiable lifestyle factors. How much you exercise becomes important and what you eat becomes important,” Pike added.

With the experiment, both the mice with ApoE4 and those with ApoE3 gained weight and became pre-diabetic. But most significantly, those with ApoE4 on the unhealthy diet quickly developed the signature plaques that obstruct cognition and memory.
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