Rio ‘public calamity’ will not affect Olympics, say organisers


Rio de Janeiro, June 18 : The upcoming Olympic Games from August 5 to 21, will not be affected by the Rio de Janeiro state government’s decision to declare a financial emergency, organisers said.

With less than 50 days to go until the opening ceremony at the Maracana stadium, interim governor Francisco Dornelles on Friday issued a decree that said the state faced a “public calamity”, reports Xinhua.

He said public services faced “total collapse” and warned commitments for the Games might not be honored.

But Rio 2016 communications director Mario Andrada said the announcement would “not have any effect” on the Games.

“Everybody already knew that the state of Rio was out of money,” Andrada said. “The government has already met all of its obligations with us.”

“They haven’t hidden from the fact they are having financial difficulties. They have been very transparent with us and the rest of the public.”

Dornelles cited falling tax revenue from the oil industry as one of the main reasons for Rio’s financial crisis, which has coincided with Brazil’s worst recession in decades.

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